Altais: Age of Ruin

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Altais: Age of Ruin is the first game in the Rephaim War series and is set in the distant future on a far away world. Millennia have passed since humanity left their home, fleeing war and leaving the Earth behind. They have forgotten their origins, forgotten the technology that brought them across the stars, forgotten the enemy that almost destroyed them. In the four ages that have passed since, technology has been lost and magic has been discovered. Cities have risen to mighty kingdoms and the land has flourished.


KingdomOfSerpentsSmallThe Fall

One of the Celestials, the three brightest stars in the sky, fell to the ground. It shattered the land and allowed the sea to flow in. Whole cities were reduced to dust, magic began to go haywire, the Veil was torn and through the breach the Rephaim appeared to conquer the Kingdom of Fountains. Gradually the people of Altais have begun to rebuild, making a new life amongst the ruins of the old world, but corruption and chaos still dominate and honor and chivalry are all but lost.


ThreeCharacters1The Game

Altais: Age of Ruin is a tabletop roleplaying game. Players create heroic characters that are part of a underground resistance movement. They fight against the corrupt government and seek to uncover and preserve the treasures of the old world from forces that would rather the past remain buried.



Beyond the physical world there are five other realms, each of which leaks energy into our world slowly over time. Magic users cast spells by either ripping open the Veil between these realms, allowing the energies within to flow in with greater effect, or by strengthening the Veil to reduce the realms influence. This can alter gravity, cause solid matter to change to liquid or gas, or even alter the flow of time.



The world of Altais is full of ancient relics of the past, some useful, others deadly. From the magical Sentinels that once protected the borders of the Kingdom of Steel but now wander without masters, to the Lost Kingdom of Quallisar and the treasures that lie within. Adventurers brave all manner of danger to find these magics and to reclaim the glory of past ages.