Kickstarter launching 6th of February!

We have a date! Our new Kickstarter campaign will be launching on the 6th of February (for the US. That’s the 7th for those of us in Australia).

This new campaign will come with a free preview of the game with enough rules and content to start playing!

We’ll also be posting new setting information, rules, and previews of our art on Facebook page leading up to the launch so follow us and help spread the word!

Altais Update and PAX Aus

Just a little status update: I’ve just finished writing the text for the game preview! It just needs to go through the layout process so it’s nice and pretty and contains all the awesome artwork we have so far. Once finished I’ll be releasing it as a free pdf. This preview is roughly one third of the finished book and contains enough material to start playing, at least through the early parts of the game.

Once the preview is complete, I just need to get a new kickstarter video together and it will be ready for a relaunch!

Also PAX Aus is on this weekend and although we don’t have a booth, I’ll be wandering around handing out flyers and prints for Altais, most likely around the board game area, look forward to seeing you if you’re there.

Returning Soon

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new but I just want to let everyone know that Altais isn’t dead. Things have been ticking along slowly and I’m happy to announce that I now have over 40 pieces of art completed and will be relaunching the project on Kickstarter soon with a much lower target.

No exact date yet, but stay tuned, it’s coming soon.