Evil Benevolent Aliens

Coming Soon…

A tongue-in-cheek sci-fi board game for 2-6 players.

Each player takes on the role of a sympathetic alien race that arrived on Earth shortly after humanity went through World War 3. The cities are rubble, the people are starving, but fortunately you’re here to help!

Harvest resources from the ruins of the old cities, construct new housing and infrastructure, and help those poor innocent people rebuild their world… until the time is right to reveal your true diabolical scheme!

Are you there to harvest humanity for food? To zap them with evil mind control devices? Are you building a laser on the moon? Or maybe you plan to crash the Earth into the sun! Are there even aliens at all? Maybe it’s all a government conspiracy!

A humorous game of chaotic hidden agendas and exaggerated sci-fi tropes piled so high you can barely see the giant alien squid beneath!

The world is ripe for conquest and if there’s anything TV has taught us, it’s that there’s nothing more evil than a benevolent alien.