Jumping Titan

Coming Soon…

A psychological cyberpunk card game for 2-6 players.

It’s the year 2437, technology has changed but people are pretty much the same. Innovations in Brain-Computer Interfaces allow the human mind to be augmented by connecting them to a Central Computer.

Think: Faster. Smarter. Deeper.

This Computer now monitors for criminal thoughts and the crime rate has plummeted, but it also renders people vulnerable to hacks, even complete take over. There is only one type of crime left: “Crimes Against Personality”.

Players take on the roles of rogue law enforcement agents who have discovered a terrible secret and are now being hunted. They exploit the system, Jumping from body to body, trying to stay one step ahead as they flee to the last place where the Computer has no hold: the colony on Titan.

But the hack is imperfect, with every Jump they lose a piece of themselves; a memory, an idea, an emotion. Even if they make it to Titan, will they still be the same person? Will they still be human at all?