Update 4 – System

We’re back from the Easter break with Update 4! This update is all about the Cascade System, Wild Surges and Talents.


There’s also a post on our forums that goes into even more details for those that want a glimpse into the maths involved, check it out here.

Next update will be about another Kingdom.

Update 3 – Kingdom of Bones

Update 3 is out now, this one’s all about the Kingdom of Bones, two new classes and the Rephaim. I’m also going to be creating a free Fate Core conversion guide which will be available for download from this site. It will be completely optional, the game will also come with its own system.

Check out the update here:

Update 2 – The Realms

Update 2 is out now, it’s all about the different realms and how they can be used to create magical effects. In many ways this is the heart of Altais, and where many of the science and fantasy elements merge.

Check it out, share it around, and let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in future updates.